Friday, March 14, 2014

Wall of Fame

At Inauguration of Singapore Women's Wall of Fame.

Attempted Flipchart Graphic Recording while seated at table.
Cardboard backing to flipchart.
Perched on table and lap.

Not enough room for working.
Should have stood up and taped chart to door, wall or whiteboard easel.

Host: Aunty Pat who's mum Dr Maggie Lim was being inducted.

Work in progress, highlighting with pan pastels applied with make up sponge.

Stealth recording at dinner would have been easier on iPad, sketchnote, A4 or A3 format : I wanted to push the envelope and try A0 flipchart stealth mode.

By end of presentation my chart was ready, and my spiffy suit had some curious green coloured chalk marks! (Think yellow +blue!!!).

In retrospect would I have done anything different? 
I could have worn a more robust suit.
I could have stood/ sat in a rear corner of the ballroom/ hall.
I could have sought permission from the organizers .

All in all I enjoyed the experience and it helped me push the envelope and helped me grow. Plus my dinner host liked it!

A few days later my dinner host asked if she could have the chart; 

Here is a bit of the post production chart work:

Flipped the flip chart and ironed out the wrinkles folds and creases. Mainly dry but a tiny bit of steam for the most wrinkly bit.

Tested out an old chart with hair spray as fixer : must not apply top much!

Judicious amount of fixing hair spray sprayed.

Measured and cut cardboard roll as holder.

Rolled up chart.

Held in holder.

Chart with red Chinese seal.
and name card affixed.

Thanks for watching !