Saturday, December 28, 2013

20131228 Dempsey Sketchwalk

Dempsey Sketchcrawl

36 Hero 336 pens for Christmas presents 

Early attendees each get a Hero 336 pen

Instructions given and off we go

My first spot was here

Sat down for ginger ale as we touched up and continued to sketch

This special kid next to me was so sweet

Third sketch was by the fountain

Morning work is done

Show and tell

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

20121219 The Red Dragon

I had a nice cafe latte at Dutch Colony Cafe at PasarBella. They had a glorious mini-roaster going full swing. it was dubbed "The Red Dragon" for obvious reasons.
I just had to sketch it! But my sketching Barang Barang was locked in my car in the carpark.

But I had my reciept.

And I borrowed a ball pen.

So I was able to sketch .

So this qualifies as an Urban Sketch!

Yet Red Dragon was calling to be painted .
I made a photocopy of it.
And added colour to it at home

Does this also qualify as an Urban Sketch? 7x14 cm

Back again the next day: sketchbook in hand...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

20131215 Shanghai Agora

Venue was at River South Art Centre
which was just 20 minutes walk away from my hotel The One Shanghai, Executive Suite managed by Kempinski, at Fengyang Road.

We checked it out on the morning and I did a sketch

The venue is a refurbished warehouse: Level 3 was used for a Michelin meeting workshop 

Philippe & Pierre greeted us and led is on a tour of the just completed 5 day Michelin workshop. 

Jayce and Ripley (both from Taiwan) had been helping and grew exponentially from the experiential facilitation.

We were each given a wall on which to scribe responses to 6 questions (no pressure to answer all)

Panelists worked on their individual panels for 20 minutes.

We then sat down to chat

Evaluating the art and science of Graphic Recording: it's scope and it's horizons 

Identifying our needs and resources