Friday, January 22, 2016

SGGR meet up 2016 January Edition

Triskele : paper sphere from three strips of paper.


Introducing ourselves by interview 

Way to start the New Year
Lo Hei

The toss

Tee-Kah Bee Hoon, fruit Rojak, squid-you-Tiaw


Digital scribing, hardware, software, techniques

Portraits, urban sketcher style

Saturday, November 7, 2015

2015 Peranakan Convention

Babas being berated for pointing their feet at respectable senior Nyonya! Aiyoh, Tak seronoh!

Attending the Peranakan convention in Singapore I had with my stealth scribing kit! Z-fold 4 piece 2x1 foot board, a few flip charts and my Neuland marker pens. Unplanned and unannounced I decided to scribe flipchart size from my seat 3/4 way back in the hall. The flip chart I folded in thirds. And my backing board I used as a 2footx2 foot square.

Above you see my favourite moment captured. And below...

Facilitator realizing he is abnormal/ parish/ Peranakan at age 17, when mixing with other Singaporeans.

Some people so coy about revealing their dark secret: they are Peranakan!

Problems of serving old Bibiks at upmarket Peranakan Restraunts.

That back to front kebaya!
Chikek darah!

Bush Keluak ice cream mentioned as part of the creative/dare to innovate/re-invent spirit

My completed chart for session 1/3

Popped my chart on stage for fun

Chart 1/1
Language and identity
Is Baba language essential for being Peranakan?

Session 2/3 Business of being Peranakan. Viability and Sustainability.

Chart 3/3 in all of its glory. The Peranakan wish list: Core values of Peranakans.

Three ducks in a row
Displayed in White Hall during buffet lunch.