Friday, February 6, 2015

Thirty Faces

Cutting out the individual entries for presentation with participation certificate.

I was tasked to do GR for "getting to know you" introductory session for thirty people who attended a workshop.

I had prepared by folding my 6x 3 foot chart length-wise in four, and then width-wise in eight
(Width-wise in half, then half again, then half again). This gave me a grid of 8 cells by 4 cells = 32 cells.
Participants had previously been asked to declare their preference for name on their name tag. I sourced this information from conference data base and sorted alphabetically. Cells on my chart then were labelled in pencil according. ( Preparing ahead for usable wall is another long story, but I digress)

As participants introduced themselves I was able to do a quick sketch and add text in black.
The married couples present were linked by lines on my chart. As part of the introduction game, each person being introduced had to answer a question asked by the participant sitting directly opposite. Eg "your favourite food?" or "if you had the chance, where would you like to visit?"

At summary event on day 5 participants were asked to declare what their three key take-aways were. I scribed these in orange.

Sample of some demoed, some redaction necessary.

This portion is about A4 size. Bottom right you see "wedding bells" and the grey line leading to his wife.
Hair style, spectacles, face shape, facial hair, posture, clothing style and colours were the key caricature guidelines .

He gets a green line connecting to his wife.
An orange matrimonial bond crosses the bottom of his chart.

Two matrimonial lines traverse this bit of the chart.

Three matrimonial lines happening here.
"One secret that nobody else knows....?"
"I was once in jail!"

Self portrait (giggle giggle)

The whole chart:
Feedback is that the participants liked this chart
I check with organization for permission to publish these pictures.

Two foam core boards 3x4 feet sourced locally, and taped together lengthwise to give 3x8 foot supporting board.
Blue plastic sheet (3x6 feet) between scribing paper and foam core board for added protection and for smoothing across the cracks. 
The assembly was mounted on two tables In front of the room, and opening session scribed in front of the group. The chart then went up In a string across the room. 
A new sheet of 3x6 foot paper was inserted and that area was available for subsequent charting.

For the closing summary the foam core board/ blue plastic/ scribing paper (new clean sheet) was moved and  mounted on two white boards at the back of the participant circle.