Sunday, May 24, 2015

DIY portable 8x4 foot board

End product 
Foldable board made of 3 pieces of 3x 4 feet foam core boards: 
with 8.3 cm x4 feet strip trimmed off the width, the three taped together span 8 feet.


Two faces: black or white



My foldable 4x8 board was mounted on a 3x6 board hybrid with a 4x6 board:
I brought it along just in case.

Event manager failed to come up with 4x8 board.
Three flip chart easels bound together with duct tape: 
3M hooks, twine: whatever it takes; 
it worked.

In response to question on duct tape

I used 13 mm thick foam core board and very happy with it: 5 mm might work, but more flimsy: my 13 mm gives a good support.

Use fabric based 2 inch wide duct tape.

The duct tape has to be on the inside of the fold: imagine three pieces of foam core board : each three foot by two foot: name them A, B,C: and for easy reference consider they have different color on each face, one side black, one side white.

Assemble ABC in front of you, black face facing you: if you tape a
A and B together on the black surface,  they can fold upon each other. To Zfold, B must be taped  to C on the white surface. 

(If B and C are also taped on the black surface , then your device can not Z fold)

Monday, May 4, 2015

The story of Anwar

The visiting team from Makassar was brought to pray with Anwar:

This is his story:
Anwar was a homeless jobless vagrant: divorced, 
with high blood pressure and diabetes and heart disease.
He often spends the night under Merdeka bridge.

The mercy team came and brought him an evening meal as the do their "Street people" outreach, every Monday night and Wednesday night. And they would pray for him "In Jesus name".
He became  interested in this "Jesus" and wanted to know more about him.
Then Anwar began to pray "That I would meet Jesus in my dreams".
He prayed this for many months.

Then one night, Anwar dreamt that he was in a place of great darkness.
Then he saw a light that was twinkling and became very bright.
Then he saw a man: he could see the body, arms, legs, feet and sandals.
But he could not see the face: It was singing to bright to be seen.
"Who are you?" Anwar asked .
But the person remained silent and did not reply.

Over the next few months, Anwar prayed again and again that he would see Jesus.
One night Anwar dreamt of an old man.
Old man asked Anwar "Why do you always call to see Jesus?"
Anwar answered "Why not?"
Old man said "If you really want to know Jesus you must follow him"
"Give me a few days to think" said Anwar.

Anwar shared with us:
"I had been having a terrible life: 
Divorced, jobless, homeless, poor health....
Maybe this Jesus might change my life."

The mercy team continued to share with Anwar.
One of them showed Anwar a "picture" of Jesus in their iPad.
"Yes that is what I saw in my dream," Anwar confirmed.
" But I could not see the face, it was shining too brightly".

Anwar was baptised on Christmas day 2014.
One day he was reading his bible.
He was feeling hungry, when someone came and gave him some barbecued mutton.
Somehow Anwar did not eat that food.
Then that old man appeared and took the food from Anwar but did not say anything, then disappeared.

Anwar's third encounter with that old man is when Anwar was trying to relieve himself against a wall behind Raffles Hospital: He felt a tap on his shoulder. It was that old man. "You can not pass urine here. You will get fined", the old man said. Then the old man said "God will give you a big family, and a place to stay." Then the old man disappeared .

Not long after, Anwar was found to have a cancer in his colon. 
He was brought to stay with the Mercy team. Now he has "family" and a place to stay!

The second half of the chart documents pastor Hendrick's sharing
4-5 months ago my father was a Muslim but is now a church minister.
4 months ago he found he had stage 4 lung cancer.
He saw doctors in Malaysia and Singapore
"can not help him"
"Maximum  2 months to live"

He was very uncomfortable
Every day could not sleep
Whole body itchy 

this is the chart I sketched on a flip chart taped to Anwar's cupboard.