Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blue Dot

Looking at the pink dot and wear white movements , I saw an opportunity to promote a blue dot movement: that seeks to reach out with no hidden agenda, to the full range of marginalized people:

Sexuality& Religiosity seem to be a big two 

But people of the "wrong" political colour 
also get marginalized .

Foreign Talent, sex workers, people with HIV : these are our modern day lepers.

The traditional marginalized are the poor, the widow , the orphan, the handicapped , the cripple, the lame, the prisoner , the blind , the sick.

The pink movement has some strident voices that aggressively push the LBGT agenda : saying that, many of the pink supporters genuinely want to reach out to marginalized LBGT.

The religious "white" similarly discoloured by bible thumping "you will rot in hell" rhetoric ; contrariwise there are a host of bible believing Christians who will reach out to fellow sinners in non- judge mental ways.

My vision of the blue dot movement is a coming together of well intentioned do gooders to help the less fortunate 

Another opportunity for the Blue Dots!
Lovingly facilitate the discussion of children library books without vitriol 
It seems to be a "them versus us" debate.
Heavily loaded with politicized agenda.
Can it not be a rational discussion evaluating the pro and con?

Books do influence how we think.
Books are for entertainment
Books are for learning.
Books influence our values.
Values influence our morals 
Values influence our behavior .

Parents of young children should guide what does into their children's minds,
Whether by TV shows, Internet or library books.

How much of responsibility for screenining does NLB have.
That is another part of the side debate.

Friday, June 27, 2014

SgGR meetup June 2014 edition

Colorful kueh, part of pot luck
Chromatically suitable for Graphic Recorders meet up 27 June 2014 Edition.
Carrot cake, spring roll , pizza, tapioca cake, ice cream (soursop/ pilot Hitam/ Black forest), pandan cake, Swiss roll, burrito chips.
Rosanna & Jessie were our special guests.

Rosanna, Jessie, Tim, Aurora

Bernie,  Joy, Annie, Irene

Irene setting up the projector:
Watching expectantly from  behind her: Rachel, Brenda, Joy, Annie, Bernie

Looking at sketchbook handout

Talking, doodling, graphic recording:
Many conversations going on at the same time.

Some food suggestions for Rosanna and Jessie.

Some tour spots in Singapore


Tim shared the opportunity to design The EuViz 2014 lounge.
As little information was available SunMin suggested the process was like a scientific experiment process described on a TED talk...

Getting from A to C though the cloud 

Plan for next meetup 
Exact date TBD

Friday, June 13, 2014

Brandy on GF , IFVP 2013

My take home message from Barney's (Facepalm!!! Damn Autocorrect!) Brandy, whiskey, vodka Whatever!  ..... 20 minute video 

The GR chart, the product is only 20% of our value.
Over emphasis on chart is focusing on self
The process is 80%
Focus on process is focus on client
Client is king

GR functions as a lens
Close up, microscope
Far away, telescope
And helicopter view

Trying to sell a bottle labelled GF, filled with glittery balls.... 
Clients just don't get it!
Rather than marketing
Focus on education
This is what we do
This is why we do what we do....

Each educational exercise is planting an appleseed .
Like Johnny Appleseed 
We don't know which seed will take root and bear fruit.
Plant them anyway.

Why we do what we do
A) Power of being listened to, validated

Why we do what we do
B) Power of shared understanding, synergy.

Thanks to Brandy Agerbeck

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tan Kim Ching exhibition

Preliminary discussion

Aims and Objectives
Who he is
Impact on community
Role as leader

Scope and timeline

Crucial point
Defining owner/ ownership