Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 May Facilitation Mentored

Giving sunglasses, stepping on a butterfly
unintended impact on community.....

I was happy to give positive feedback for connect meeting where Iearned a lot
Liked the sticky wall
Learned how to use it
Learned to focus on process and avoid content as a process facilitator

Upon reflection on my community development work
I see I value authenticity 

Learned how Noel applied convergence /contrast of Neutral, Authentic and Mindfulness at conference.

Planning a session on wholistic world view analysis
(Factors that influence farmers income from rice)

Insight on use of ORID on team going to Cambodia

Reflection on the mentoring process

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Introduction to picture notes April 2014

I introduced  picture notes (spanning sketch notes to wall charts and in between) to my friends at community development team CHE network meeting Phnom Penh, April 2014.

I had been doing Graphic  Recording for them already for one day on 4x8 foot chart. 

We had 35 participants from 7 different NGOs. 

To begin the session I distributed blank A6 notebooks as gift to each participant: 
"Please use picture and words to take notes of this session in this notebook" I said .
I spoke in English and my partner translated to Khmer for the in-country participants.

"Why ?" I asked 
"Why do we want to record with picture notes aka Sketchnotes aka idea drawings?"
And I started on a flip chart to write the word "why" and encouraged them to copy.

"Because it helps us with better memory" I said
And I drew arrow going in to fill opened empty head
And encouraged them to sketch likewise.

"and it is more fun"
Drew happy person jumping up, clicking heels

"Engages left brain and right brain"
Sketched head with two halves of brain exposed, and arrow pouring in

"Crosses language barrier"
Drew two PAC-man style heads facing each other , one with ABC, one with chinese characters

Sketchnotes can be done in different sizes: for yourself or 1-1 face to face discussions you can yourse
A6 size sketch note book
A4 paper
Back of napkin

These are easily portable
having A6 size notebook allows us to practice every day the style of taking notes with words and pictures.
These can be photocopied for easy reference and distribution.

AO flip chart
And big wall chart
Useful for bigger groups
Everyone can see content of discussion going on.
Can take photograph for reproduction and record.

Can arrange ideas in different ways to tell the story
Mind map is one way
Start with centre
Branch out to nodes
Each node may have subnodes

Arrange ideas of cause and effect like a problem solving tree with fruits and roots

Images and ideas should be drawn simply and clearly

Can use label 

One participant worried that he could not draw cow accurately:
My suggestion:
Just draw a 4 legged animal and label it "cow"

From the corner of my eye and a sneak peek here and there, I saw quite a few participants actually drawing and writing.

Emboldened by what I saw, I said I would tell them a story and ask thm to record the story in words and pictures.
I told the story of the prodigal son
As verbatim as I could from the gospel text.

Participants seemed to be responding well.

I was pleased with the effort.