Sunday, August 31, 2014


Social enterprise volunteer meeting 100 pax

Leader outlines the role and function of the NGO
The rural house sketched is typical of their communities.

PowerPoint slides and video clips 
Identifies "5 giants" social ilis in the rural communities they serve.

Delineating blocks on my chart: Daiso gloves.

Panelist Kimsong shares
I like the capture of his "Teach a man to fish"

Money shared her sde of the story.
And out pou
red thanks from her heart.

Lots of "real estate" left over.
Filed with some iconic sketches.

This was the first time participants had ever seen a graphic recording.

Job done.

The chart.

Bukit Brown Advocacy Award

At the award ceremony for this advocacy recognition, the unusually trophies caught my eye and became the focus for my sketch.

Later in the evening we held a debrief, which with some tentative plans,it was decided to embargo some infirmtion: hence it for public display

The two sweeties were as alike as chalk and cheese

Unused "real estate" at the end of the scribing allowed for dynamic headlines 

This logo was caught off someone's bountiful chest

The chart

And the chartist

SG50 Engagement and Networking meeting

Practicing the logo: quickly found that
1) standard maker pen is not the answer:
2) Liquitex marker on pan pastel was better
3) luiqitex marker on hair sprayed pan pastel was the best
4) full logo as in 3)

My prepared header.

I was a "normal" participant at this session.
I wrote ahead to be allowed to stand up t do a GR at side or back.
I was gracefully declined!.

I planned to do a Stealth Recording done on my lap, seated half way back in the auditorium at Star Vista. My 4x8 foot chart was folded into 1 foot squares. I prepared a 2x3 foo backing for my lap.

Stealth Recording in progress 

NB I had got my folding sequence WRONG and so page turning caused a lot of rustling noise.

View from my seat,

Details of 

My chart

At the end of the session I presented my chart to the Organisers and they liked it very much.
Final chart

Thank you for watching

Friday, August 8, 2014

Jubilee Intersect Meeting

I planned to do a GR here,
At a friends home,
 knowing there was no wall space, so I brought my own wall.

The setup: two 4x6 foot foam core boards: duct taped to door frame.
Lined with 0.3 mm plastic sheet
Four foot paper roll arranged across this "Minland pinboard"
Not quite Neuland, but improvised.

Heading, border and sign-off in place.

Breakfast is served

And consumed with gusto.

We gather to pray

And pray we did


Three questions for the small groups

Harvesting the six small group discussions

On my knees
Scribing the findings of small group discussions 

The cup and the bread

Final chart

Fans taking photographs

Presenting the chart to host.

Grubby gloves at end of task 
Which means clean hands

Image of chart cleaned up with CamScanner

Three greats and a wish:
Great: created a portable wall (Minland pin board) for this gig
Great: harvested six small group presentations
Great: love the gloves
Wish: more icons...

Amazing Story

As is our family practice, I get to put a set of grandchildren (Liana , nearly 8, and Luke 6) to bed every Friday night with a bedtime story, improvised on the spot, focussing on some vent of the day. The kids often suggest variations on the story as we go along.

30 minutes before bedtime, Luke was energetically playing with his new yellow plastic ball. Then he spied me doing something on my iPad: I was reading up on ”active listening" and making notes using, paper by 53.

"Can I try?" Luke asks:
So I set a new page on Paper by 53 and handed him Pencil by 53.
"How do you erase" was his first question.
I showed him that Pencil could erase by using its top eraser tip.
I set it to black ink fountain pen and Lukie sat down to experiment :
This is what he came up with.

Then Liana wanted a turn.
Luke did not want to give up his shot on the ipad, so I picked up his ball and said
"Luke Look".
And Luke came over to me
I showed Liana for 20 seconds how to call up the colour palate and change colours.
She tried the different writing tools and said she preferred marker.

Then I started my bedtime story
Luke look, I said, holding up his yellow ball
When you look inside your ball you can see two tiny people.
can you see who they are?
It's Ashley and Veronica

(In the car ride home from dinner the kids had been talking about their two year old twin cousins Ashley and Veronica)

And Ashley and Verinica are dressed in TaeKwonDo uniform...
And so the story went on and on and

Liana said; look...

Without prompting, without prior example, 
without guiding, Liana had produced a graphic recording of the first part of the story!
She wanted to do more but it was getting late.

Time to say our prayers Luke reminded
And we did.

I slept so happy that night