Monday, August 24, 2015

Gestation of a GAM

This comes from front page of my Sketchnote primer 

At #iafasia15 we were encourage by Ganesh to SAM- Share A Method
Aka GAM- Ganesh's SAM!
These will be compiled into a congress related book/ handout/ soft copy at least.
I started writing a response in our congress handbook.

During the flight back to Singapore I decided to expand this idea and drafted this in my moleskin notebook
Upon which I realized I needed a multi-page text:

Developing manual

I looked at my previous handout related to sketchnoting

Then I decided I had better first focus on main topics I want to share before designing actual pages of manual 

Content brainstorm

I then generated 6 pages with Inkflow-plus
Now all I need to do is top up the text on page 6/6

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ninja Stealth GR scribing strikes again: #iafasia15

I attended the 18th International Association of Facilitators Asia Conference, Mumbai, India,  #iafasia15 with the specific intent to photobomb the event with uninvited Graphic Recording. I succeeded. Total cost about 1200 USD.

Decorative poster I created.

Explanatory note

At Changi airport I bought myself a  Moleskin A5 unlined notebook to record my congress sketch notes.
40,000 feet in the air I decided to start sketchnoting.

Across the aisle 

Simone pleased as Punch

Quintessential SIA girl

Capturing the registration desk

Enjoying myself with the congress registration team.

Task for "home team"

My home team at work 

My graphic inputs at world cafe

Minutes before they presented I asked Yoo and Lee if I may do a GR of their session.

Without paper roll, I used a pair of flipcharts : it works!

Sketchnote as home team debriefs on sessions they attended

Sketchnotes as Hong Kong team share how they collaborate

Power of social media: -_Kavi my impromptu photobomb flip chart 


I skipped my original C2 session to attend and scribe session C6

Session in progress 

My chart

Many participants were amazed that a session could be captured by graphic recording aka large scale live hand drawn concept mapping

This was the cream of the cake as far as I was concerned. At open space (OST) the 180 participants were invited to host topics: about 40 people stepped forwards.
 Ms Deepa sitting next to me was bugging me to host a session on "Graphic Recording".
 "What is it about it that you want to know?" I asked. 
"Using drawing in facilitation" she said.
"You host the session" I countered, "And I will attend".
Deepa did, and I attended. and so did more than 20 other participants.
The first chart captures the essence of our conversation. 
The second chart is some participants tentative steps into the world of visuals in facilitation.

In summary: Objective achieved!!
I manage to showcase the benefits of visuals, impromptu sketchnotes, posters, graphic recordings : capturing scenic  spots, intimate 1-1 conversations, group activities, plenary sessions, workshops, group discussions. I piqued interest and demo-ed in the world of image thinking and the multiple-use tool of graphics in facilitation.

Sketch of The necklace, Mumbai.