Friday, July 10, 2015

Capacity Building with TWR Cambodia

16 participants from TWR Cambodia.
Hand draw and write to increase communication.

Infants think in images before they learn word. Many of us continued to think in images. Cavemen drew pictures in cave walls. Ancient Egyptian wrote with hieroglyphics (pictures). Chinese writing began as pictures. Using pictures helps us to communicate. 

Participants were asked to choose a picture card, then use it to help describe themselves.  As they did  I made a quick graphic recording.

Visuals to help communication can be done small scale 
Back of a napkin
A6 notebook size 
On A3/ A4 paper
Poster size
Large format 3x6 feet

Trip reports can be made using a poster of graphics and text.

Our volunteer meeting at Ming Paem
In Pouk was recorded on a flip chart on a table.
The local team liked the chart so much they taped it to the wall 

We did an icon jam: each person took turns to call out an item to draw.

Small group work: do a poster to illustrate a bible story

They took turns to present 

A) David and Goliath

B) Battle of Jericho

C) David and Bathsheba

D) Prodigal son

They did a good job

In summary, participants were invited to add their comments: this is what they said:

Hard Trying (putting all my effort into doing this. Easy to remember. Saves time.  Creativity. Simple. Easy to understand. Builds an environment of trust. Summary. Everyone can draw. Creates an emotional attachment to the content. Easy to see the main point.
Entertaining. Learned a lot.