Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ya Kun

While at EuViz 2014 Berlin I got an email reminding me of a men's breakfast meeting for Saturday 2 August in Singapore.

"Why not ask to do GR there?" came the inspired thought.

The organising committee had seen me do GR for the Friday lunch meetings.

I popped the idea to them and they agreed.
Permission was soon granted by the speaker.
I asked to check out the venue.

Me doing scout around 24 hours before event.

From the checkout I planned to use paper lined foam board on easel.

Proceeded to supply store: Art Friend,

10 mm foam core board 

Kryplon easy tack

Art craft paper.

Weapons selected and assembled.

Paper cut to size.

Sticky stuff sprayed on.

Paper attached to board.

Expert hand at Euviz2014 holding 7 pens.

Me fumbling with 4 pens 
(In the end I had one pen in hand and the others on a nearby table.

Trying out at the wall

Working out how to do logo: white acrylic paint on top of red pen pastels

Men breakfast meeting starting: coffee and kaya toast in abundance.

Speaker Mr Adrin Loi

Board prepped: logo and speaker sketch added ( and my sign off  with date)

Adding colour clouds with Pan pastels
Photo credit MIC Jeorge Lau

Action shot: photo credit MIC Jeorge Lau

GR scribe and speaker

Presenting the chart to the speaker.

Part One

Part Two

The speaker and the participants enjoyed the chart. Many made complementary remarks and took photos. 

Pat myself on the back:
Three greats and a wish
Great pre-gig preparation
Listening out for audience reactions
Confident in front of crowd
Wish more organizational flow; arrows?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

20140729 Braingasm!

On the flight back from Euroviz 2014 I decided to do an A4 landscape mindmap of my experience of our IFVP experience.

In one word "Braingasm"

The metaphor borrowed from First Nations (North America ) resonated with my holistic outlook to community development.

Basic graphic recording skills acquired.
Confidence boosted 400%.
Start to understand how to build a GR business.
Developed skills of teaching sketchnoting.
Passions inflamed.
Right brain appreciation of wine/ food.
Improv theatre

Take home message
"Three likes and a wish"

Met FB friends 
Playfulness shared
Enhanced Appreciative Inquiery
Singapore tribal ties strengthened
Made new friends
Two breath introductions 
Three breath pauses
Singing wacky sing
Campfire closing song

Wonderful exposure to neuland products
Walls etc
Shared my urban sketches
Great weather
River Spree

There was a palpable spiritual element to all this
Reference to Spirit
moral values
And also the flow of generosity
And the speed of grace

I was privileged to lead the closing song

Friday, July 25, 2014

EuViz 2014 Day Three

View at breakfast

A great gracious sponsor

At appreciative enquiry

Inspired by First Nation wholistic worldview...

On staying moral 

Brenda's model

At our singalong session


How to find your VizBiz


Piotr the videographer

Closing the campfire: 
Photo credit Dean Myers