Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tan Kim Ching Protem

Logo for meeting today

Overall plan

Possible tie up with peranakan museum?

Joyce and Shah producer team looking for work...

What Protem committee could do

Bodies present
Bodies to connect to

Sponsor for today
(Clap clap clap)

Action steps
1) Meet Peranakan Museum; Terence, Su Min, Roney (2nd week November)
2) Feedback to Joyce & Shah
3) Pro-tem Committee meeting Saturday 17 January 2015 helmed by TerenceTan

 Moses taking digital notes

Friday, October 3, 2014

Team building, graphic facilitation

Team building event TWR October 214

Passion teams
Participipants divided into 3 groups
Each takes a picture card
Uses card to prompt them. Talking about their passion .
Group identidifies common theme and creates poster to represent:
Team Go

Team Power

Team People Sparks

Poster to highlight great commission 

Vision casting

Vision casting

Vision casting 

Teams generated time lines to achieve visions

Final reflections