Friday, September 25, 2015

20150926 SGGR September 2015 meet up

Deliriously happy Singapore Based Graphic Recorders
At September 2015 edition of meetup.

Discussing DIY Z-fold graphic board

Two sizes shown, 3x 2x3 feet (x13 mm) unfolding to 3X6 feet
And 3x4feetx 2 2/3 feet unfolding to 4x8 feet.

Annie Lim (not Any How) DIY Carrier bag
The latest in handbag fashions...

Template for wire art
 from one line art post

Wire Art, intense concentration 

I can do it!

Loosing hairs from the stress of severe focus

Easy peasy

Ear rings!

Some of the handiwork

The loot.

The crazy people

Tea time

Water colours

Taking turns to scribble at the wall

Final touches

Snapshots of the perpetuators
Akin to Alcoholic Anonymous, some one quipped; the way they serially confess at each meeting their addiction to randomly making marks on walls.

That's what's it's all about! deconstructing a Chinese word that comprises grain, field and together.

Of boards and paper 

Highlights of wire art


The final chart

The final chart

Normally reknown for the high decibel output/shrieks of laughter, this group as densely silent during the wire art session: each intently focused on what they were doing. It was very rewarding to notice that sense of inner peace and achievement as the aluminum wire took shape. Although it was individual work, the wire art also fostered a sense of togetherness and connectiveness. 

Look out for announcement of SGGR meetup December 2015 edition.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wire Art Formula One

My F1 WireArt

Original one line racing car

I was not satisfied with that example so I created my own one-liner

I created the template with blue tack and 30inch string on Lego board

Final product

Reversed for you to compare with brandX one-liner

Wire Art The cyclist

30 inch string
Lego board
Blue Tack
2 mm aluminium wire 30 inches

Plot turning points on Lego board using blue tack

Lay the 30 inch string to create template for wire

This gives you visual idea and guidance as where to bend, twist, curve the thirty inch long 2 mm diameter aluminum wire.

Tweak till aesthetic.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Appreciative Interview II

Appreciative Interview II because "Appreciative Interview I" was carried out at our small group meeting doing  Introduction to Nehemiah.

I prepared a 4 page handout, page 1/4 carries basic instruction and interview outline with blank spaces to fill in.