Saturday, April 13, 2013

Self Taught Graphic Recording

Self taught graphic facilitation.

I came across mind maps about 20 years ago and bought Tony Buzan's book and learned mind mapping. I have been doing mind mapping ever since.

I was taught facilitation and  participatory adult education 13 years ago at a CHE (Community Health Education Trainers course) primarily for use in rural communities. I have been associated with similar Community Development work ever since. We regularly scribe discussion points on flip charts. The use of scribing in non-literate rural communities has helped to buld up my graphic vocabulary.

I am trying to recall the article that introduced me to "Graphic Facilitation" abut 3 months ao, but it eludes me: Probably something I saw on FLIPBOARD Magazine  on my iPad Mini.

Incidentally  I have been sketching with Singapore Urban Sketchers for the last 2 years: this has helped me rapidly sketch animate/ inanimate objects in outline form.

Googling "Graphic recording" has led me to
GR Facebook group
sketch notes:
and I purchased Brandy Agerbeck ebook "Graphic Recording"
Also have purchased Dan Roan's Back of napkin
Internet searches to
Idea sketching
Doodle notes
Sketchbook army.
I asked to meet Graphic Recorders in Singapore, and smehave kindly given of their time over coffee.
I asked permission from coordinator of annual community development meet to
A) show GR and
B) do it for three day meet.

He was happy for A but reluctant for B
"It may distract the speaker"
"It may distract the participants"

I promised to stop if I proved to be a distraction.

The tools...

Purchased 1.4 metre roll
Extra box of thick pastels
Extra marker pens (white board markers)
three Black,
 and one each blue, green, red.

At the conference I started with a presentation of what Graphic Recording is..
sketchnote plan of talk

converted to posters for actual presentation

and then I  proceeded to do GR for the rest of the meeting:

There were 15 Koreans who were bilingual English Korean.

There were 4 Koreans who were effectively monolingual Korean

There were 4 Chinese who were bilingual English Chinese .
There were two Caucasians who spoke English but no Asian language.
There was English/ Korean translation for each session.

I believe my GR helped to bridge the language divide.

I had layered my blanked three sheets of 1.4X6 metre paper one on top of the other as I taped them to the wall as I was not cofident that the marker pens would not bleed through and stain the wall: In the event none of them did and one layer of paper was good enough to protect the wall.

Page 1/3

Page 2/3

Page 3/3


One Presentation

some details
The best way to show you the participant's reactions is by video

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Faithful Witness

Sketch note of sermon: Jesus the faithful witness
7 April 2013
Rev Fred Tan
Wesley Methodist Church Singapore

TEXT: Rev 1: 4-8

In the great Commission we aretold to go make disciples of all natios
We are to testify that Christ Is Risen
We are promised troubles and tribulation
Yet we are reminded "I have overcome"

The world says that what ever means are justified by the end
Chinese Christian leaders celebrate as they are herded off to prison.
They sing for joy 唱歌!
"Back to school" they see prison as a place where their faith is tested and grown.

Take home message: Go forth and speak boldly.

Three attributes of Jesus described
1. Faithful witness,
2. Firstborn from the dead, 
3. Ruler of the kings of the earth.

Faithful witness
Jesus tells us about God accurately
Jesus can be trusted to take care of us.

Firstborn from the dead
Jesus is the first man who died to live ever more.
Even as the first stalk of grain was cut and waved over the field as a wave offering during the festival of first fruit,
so too is Jesus presented to us as a wave offering. 

Jesus as alpha and omega trancends time
He is the first and the last
The Beginning and the end
He was, and is, and is to come

There is no other Name but Jesus

Ruler of the kings of the earth.
Jesus will reteturn in glory 
We are slated to rule beside Him:
Are you ready to rule the kingdom with Christ when he returns.

Story told of Mr CK Tan preaching in USA exhorting evangelists to go to China. 

"Why should we go there?
They have 5000 year history of culture.
They have wise sages such as Confucius"

His reply
"Sages are teachers, Jesus is Saviour
Confucious is dead, Jesus is alive.
When Jesus returns, Confucius will stand before Jesus to be judged.
We will be standing on Jesus's side"