Monday, November 10, 2014


Contracted to do a GR of closing (session14 &15) of this meeting, the Singapore -Brunei Youth Leadership Exchange Programme, with summary of preceding 13 sessions (first 4days) based in data supplied to me; client wanted it all on a single flip chart A1 size to present to guest of honour.

After face to face discussing with client they also wanted real time GR of session 13, and I persuaded them to let me do it on a series of A1 charts, the earlier ones they keep, the final one for guest of honour.

Overall topic is Social Innovation.

This is their commemorative lapel badge.

I chose to use it as my header, as the anchoring image. For easy replication I drafted A4 size image and made a stencil. 

Dusted green pan pastel around it and filled in the details: happy with the result.
Prepared a total of five similar boards.

The notes provided to me at 10 pm of the first day helped me create the chart: this is the interplay between People, private and public sectors. although my physical presence was not required, bids pop in to get a sense of the atmosphere and to build relationships with various people.

This reflects the whole government approach

This is based on a sketch of Civil Setvice College that I did on day 1.

This is from some sketches I did at the team building cook off.

Day 1 chart

Being admired by photographer 

Day Two
LIEN centre for social innovation

The venue NYC Acaedemy

UP Singapore

Heartlands tour

What was this crowd so excited about?

They liked the sketched images of themselves on my chart! I was pleased. 

day1 and day2 charts

Day 3 chart

Day 4 chart

Knowing that the final session would be at The Pinnacle at Duxton, I went to sketch the building.

Day 5 chart, signed by the two guests of honour

My trolley for carting stuff to and fro.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tan Kim Ching Protem

Logo for meeting today

Overall plan

Possible tie up with peranakan museum?

Joyce and Shah producer team looking for work...

What Protem committee could do

Bodies present
Bodies to connect to

Sponsor for today
(Clap clap clap)

Action steps
1) Meet Peranakan Museum; Terence, Su Min, Roney (2nd week November)
2) Feedback to Joyce & Shah
3) Pro-tem Committee meeting Saturday 17 January 2015 helmed by TerenceTan

 Moses taking digital notes

Friday, October 3, 2014

Team building, graphic facilitation

Team building event TWR October 214

Passion teams
Participipants divided into 3 groups
Each takes a picture card
Uses card to prompt them. Talking about their passion .
Group identidifies common theme and creates poster to represent:
Team Go

Team Power

Team People Sparks

Poster to highlight great commission 

Vision casting

Vision casting

Vision casting 

Teams generated time lines to achieve visions

Final reflections 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Singapore Dream Project Workshop 2014

Some interesting lessons from this experience 

Firstly, the opportunity came when I learned my friend Catherine Lim from my Bukit Brown connection was giving a talk on "women of the straits settlements". Catherine had previously seen me doing GR scribing for the Bukit Brown advocacy community. I asked her to ask the Organisers to let me do GR for her.

I registered for the event (Eventbrite) and found there were 18 items 10 minutes each, on the agenda!
I received a very positive email response from the organisers, and asked if I could bring in a team of co-recorders: Affirmative response soon came.

The team of Lim, Lim and Lim was soon assembled.

I decided to use A0 foam core board for the recording: I got the metal tripod and extended the central holder in case I was going to record in portrait mode. I was worried about the toothyness of the paper surfaced foam core board, so bought three sets of quick and nasty sharpie type permanent markers,.

At 5 am, 9 hours before the event started I decided to staple a flip chart onto each of the 18 foam core boards. I was planning to stack recorded boards as a triangular tower.

(To add to my fun I had a Sketchwalk urban Sketchers event 9 am -12:30pm in the vicinity)

Sketching done, I joined my team at 1 pm at Theatreworks.
We prepped our boards and assigned the tasks equally, 6 sessions each.

We used blue tack to fasten three boards on the wall at eye level.
The blue tack held for some but gave way for others. 
We continues to record on the tripod.
The scribe continued finishing touches with board on our knees 
while next scribe readied next board on the tripod.
We peeled off completed sheets and blue tacked them on the wall.
Without the foam core board the flipcharts stayed blue tacked to the wall.

10 minutes per session was quite fast: 
Some sessions were content light and a breeze to do.
A few sessions were content dense and one even rambling!

Participants and audience liked our work and many came to take photos,

Calling cards were exchanged and potential gigs are in the offing!

Team work is invaluable
Expect the unexpected 
Adapt and adjust.
Probono work has its rerwards!
And thanks to Bernie for portrait lessons the evening before!