Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Graphic Recording Gathering 上海

Jaycee had poised questions to consider 
- Where do I see myself in 1 or 2 years time or even longer?
- Why is graphic recording important in Asia regions?
- What do I want in life?
- Am I working for money or working for value?
- What do you see the relationship between myself and the community?
- What is leadership?
- What is my belief?
- What is the ideal vision for this community to happen?
- What resonates with my heart?
- If everyone is already part of the community, what does this community looks like?
- What are the crucial elements to build a successful community?

I created a graphics based in this and added ideas from Pierre's notice :

We will explore the following questions:
- What is everyone's individual perspective on GF/GR?
- Is there value in creating a community in the Region? If, yes what would be our shared intent?
- How to engage more people from the Region in this potentially emerging community?

Where do I see myself in 2 years...?

Why is GR/ GF important in Asia?

What are the individual perspectives ?

What do I want in my life?

Am I working for money or for value?

What is relationship between myself and the community?

What is leadership?
What is my belief?

Ideal vision needed..?

What resonates in my heart?

What does ideal community look like?

What value is there in creating?

What is shared intent of community?

What are the crucial elements?

How to engage regionally?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

20131120 5th SGGR meetup

Brenda Tan, Thum Cheng Cheong, Wendy Wong, Annie Lim, Lim Su Min, Joy Melody

Met at Gloria Jeans

Collected mail order pan pastels 
Talked about Daiso Sponges: cut up for finer work
Or use cotton buds

If planning for IFVP 2014 Berlin, sign up early for early bird

There was a review of what we do in "graphic recording" 
Summary: live visual work is the primary product
As Opposed to efforts put into post production editing.

Lim, Lim and Lim were blessed with opportunity for pro-bono work at GSIF2013
Great learning experience
For teamwork smoother flow if points are recorded one by one on post-its

This bit was about apportioning areas of blank scribing wall
Subdivide according to rule do 3's for aesthetic 

Prefer to start with blank page and go with the flow
Plan A: title in the middle frame and go clockwise 1 o'clock  onwards

Plan B
Start top left and work on thre columns

Good to understand what is final product for
Many clients just want a visual summary for participants to photograph

Sketch to demo process 

IAF Asia will have opportunities for us to do graphic recording

Also opportunities to do recordings for love-child and other non-profit NGO's

Point made that basic fee should be charged to cover costs

Next meet up planned during coming Chinese New a year

Saturday, November 2, 2013

20131103 Wrestling with God

Jacob was on the run
cheated Esau, cheated Laban
Esau is approaching with an army of 400+ men
Jacob sends his family ahead.

alone, awaiting the confrontation with Esau,
he wrestles with a messenger from God
he wrestles all night
he is injured
yet he is blessed and transformed
 from Jacob = Deceiver to Israel: God rules


1) Who is Jacob?
You and me
full of self sufficiency!

2) Why Wrestle?
It is God's process to break your self sufficiency

Transform you
deep personal encounter with God

other biblical figures wrestled
The Psalmist

If you are in such a situation
wrestle with god
be transformed
it is painful
it is a struggle
but it is worth the sacrifice

we dont like the process
we can either run away or accept it and wrestle
God says
"Do it my way
Surrender your self sufficiency"

God loves us enough to come down and wrestle with us
for as long as it takes
God will stay with you
till your own self suffiency is replaced with God dependancy
let God's grace reach you till you are changed
till you know his love