Saturday, November 7, 2015

2015 Peranakan Convention

Babas being berated for pointing their feet at respectable senior Nyonya! Aiyoh, Tak seronoh!

Attending the Peranakan convention in Singapore I had with my stealth scribing kit! Z-fold 4 piece 2x1 foot board, a few flip charts and my Neuland marker pens. Unplanned and unannounced I decided to scribe flipchart size from my seat 3/4 way back in the hall. The flip chart I folded in thirds. And my backing board I used as a 2footx2 foot square.

Above you see my favourite moment captured. And below...

Facilitator realizing he is abnormal/ parish/ Peranakan at age 17, when mixing with other Singaporeans.

Some people so coy about revealing their dark secret: they are Peranakan!

Problems of serving old Bibiks at upmarket Peranakan Restraunts.

That back to front kebaya!
Chikek darah!

Bush Keluak ice cream mentioned as part of the creative/dare to innovate/re-invent spirit

My completed chart for session 1/3

Popped my chart on stage for fun

Chart 1/1
Language and identity
Is Baba language essential for being Peranakan?

Session 2/3 Business of being Peranakan. Viability and Sustainability.

Chart 3/3 in all of its glory. The Peranakan wish list: Core values of Peranakans.

Three ducks in a row
Displayed in White Hall during buffet lunch.

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